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Technical Parameter

Product performance:

The product is made of deep hydrogenation base oil and imported multi-functional compound additives, especially adding lithium magnetic factor, modulated by scientific formula technology.
Meets the requirements of the American Petroleum Institute API:CF-4 quality grade standard.
It has high temperature anti-wear, more real environmental protection and energy saving, and extends the service life of the engine.
The product has excellent high temperature purification and dispersion, so that the sludge and carbon deposit are reduced.
With good low temperature start-up and thermal stability, it is suitable for engine lubrication under various climatic conditions.

Scope of application:
This product is suitable for direct injection, with turbocharged intercooled type, such as Cummins, Futian Auman, Jiefang, Shaanxi automobile, Steir and other high-power heavy-duty truck diesel engines produced by various automobile factories at home and abroad.

Packing specification: 4L 18L

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