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Technical Parameter

Product performance:

The product adopts deep hydrogenation base oil and multi-functional compound additives, especially adding lithium magnetic factor, and is modulated by scientific formula technology.
Excellent viscosity-temperature performance can meet the requirements of a wide temperature range.
Good foam resistance, can maintain the smooth and efficient transfer of hydraulic force.
The good oxidation stability and friction stability can ensure the safe use of the equipment during the long cycle.
This product is specially designed for the hydraulic transmission system of various construction machinery and the efficient independent lubrication of vehicle transmission.

Scope of application
Suitable for all kinds of bulldozer, excavator, loader, roller, pipe crane, grader, crane, paver, push rake, forklift and other construction machinery and large transport vehicles hydraulic transmission system.
For mountain, dragon, Linggong, Liugong, Xu Gong, Shantui, Sany Heavy industry recommended after-sales service special oil, but also suitable for Changlin, Jincheng Dragon Tai Jin Gong, Sha Gong, Hitachi and so on.

Packing specification: 2L 4L 18L

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